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Waste Observatory

2013 - Associação de Videoarte

The Maputo Video-art Association created a project for monitoring the waste collecting points and hygiene conditions in the public spaces of Maputo.
ANIMA designed and created a digital platform with an interactive map that allows to follow the state of 20 critic waste collecting points and keep an updated record of data and images.

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The layout design conveys a neutral and informative appearance to the website. This solution was conceived to balance the chaos present in the photographs of the dumpsters, which would be too strong on its own.


The platform works as a social tool to enhance awareness and sense of responsibility and participation of the civil society, institutions and government authorities in initiatives that promote the city cleaning.


The user has access to information on each collecting point organized in days, and is able to visualize several images and quantitative data, allowing him to follow its evolution.

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