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2015 - UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Mozambique has one of the most critic and sensitive mandates of all, to take care of children in a holistic way.
With stories written by Rafo Diaz and watercolor illustrations by the visual artist Ruth Banon, ANIMA was invited to produce the design and paging for the UNICEF Activities’ Annual Report (2015)

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The minimalist design with condensed information and the UN’s white and blue shades, make us read the institution’s activities on a fluid and easygoing path.


Ruth Banon’s illustrations make us travel through the narratives’ African imagery, giving life to the characters and recreating situations with a local symbolism.


The report’s authorial approach shows the involvement of the people who participated in the contents’ creation, with the special concern of transmitting the human impact the projects executed by UNICEF had.

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