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Maputo – Etnography of a divided city

2015 - CMI (Chr. Michelsen Institute)

A documentary directed by João Graça and Fábio Ribeiro, produced by ANIMA, about Maputo and the social divisions between the suburbs and the “city of concrete”. The documentary was developed with a participative approach, in which characters from selected neighbourhoods show us their vision of the contemporary Maputo. It was supported by CMI (Norway), and financed by the Research Council of Norway.

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“Here… Man! This is the place where I grew up, where I was born… Who knows if I’m going to die here, bro.
But I believe that here, man, good things happen! Also bad things happen…
We can’t forget about that stuff.”

Nhez – Polana Caniço Neighborhood


The film is dedicated to João Soquiço, who passed away before he could see his neighbourhood on the big screen.

“I’ve lived here for forty years. I have seven children, here in this house. Twenty-one grandchildren, that I have… Three great grandchildren, that I have… It’s not easy, every house is in zigzags, they were built with complete disregard. There is no more space. This neighbourhood, I can say it is rotten. This neighbourhood is rotten and it has been for a long time.”

João Soquiço – Inhagoia Neighborhood


A visual identity was developed for all the promotional materials of the film. A dynamic logo, a series of postcards, bill boards, a DVD package and a website.

The international premiere was at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF), in Norway.

In Mozambique, the national premiere was held in the Avenida Theatre, with around 350 viewers.

We made screenings in Pescadores, Inhagoia, Mafalala, Hulene and Chamanculo neighbourhoods. We were also at Fundação Fernando Leite Couto and several schools in Maputo.

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