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Kosmoz Integrated Communication

2015 - Kosmoz

We recreated Kosmoz’s visual identity, developing a new logo, colour palette and graphic language. To answer the continuous necessity for new dissemination supports, we conceived a dynamic package with easily adaptable solutions to each situation. The design of all of Kosmoz’s promotional material is our responsibility since the beginning of 2015.

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In the logo, the tree seen from above represents Kosmoz’s several ramifications and can be interpreted as a firm structure settled on earth. Written in this structure, we find a Hindi/Buddhist swastika that represents one of the philosophical trends the brand follows.


We created a spiritual, organic and firm language in the graphic supports, to cover the public that Kosmoz intends to reach and consolidate.


The smooth colour palette is inspired in nature and transmits the human well-being the institution promotes in its activity calendar, working mainly in the areas of health, spirituality and leisure.

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