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Interior Landscapes

2015 - Centro Cultural Português

The Mozambican photographer Filipe Branquinho developed, for three years, a photographic survey of the city of Maputo, where he was born and now lives and works. These photographs capture the interior life of architectural buildings of reference that, after the colonial period, suffered the erosion of time, showing signs of detachment and abandonment.
João Roxo, founding member and designer at ANIMA, was invited to develop the visual identity and the editorial design of the book that gathers these Interior Landscapes, presented at the exhibition held in Maputo, in Instituto Camões. Previously, this collection of photographs was presented at the 10ª Biennale of Bamako (2015) “Telling Time”.

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The book congregates two distinct chapters: the first gathers the photographs of Filipe Branquinho and the second one, texts written by Mia Couto, José Forjaz, José Carrilho, among other authors. The edition is the responsibility of the director of Instituto Camões in Mozambique, Alexandra Pinho.

The design follows a simple and objective approach, which aims to not interfere with the readability of the photographs.

The Interior Landscapes of Filipe Branquinho were presented for the first time in Maputo, in an individual exhibition held at Instituto Camões. At the exhibition, the city’s inhabitants could witness, through his eyes, landscapes that for most of them are familiar.

The exhibition traveled to Galeria Avenida das Índias, in Lisbon, Portugal, where the photographer had already exhibited there before, sharing with the Portuguese a little bit of contemporary Maputo.

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