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Heading Moz

2014 - Heading Moz

Heading Moz is a Mozambican consulting group that operates in the areas of recruitment, training and outsourcing.

ANIMA created the brand’s visual identity and a set of design, web, animation and illustration materials to introduce it in Mozambique, with a local language adapted to the target audience.

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The parent company, Heading Human Resources, intended to assign a local component to the brand, without loosing the company’s original identity. To do this, the term MOZ was incorporated, making the logo unique and easily recognizable.


The visual identity supports were created with a warm color pallet, connected to the local identity.

A package of stationary materials was created, including a booklet, an animated presentation and a website, following the same principle of local communication.


To highlight the informative and educational dimension of the formation, an illustrative package was created, presenting several pictograms and simplified icons, which were mutually designed, representing each of the intervention areas.

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