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Geração Nutrição

2016 - ANSA

A communication campaign created for ANSA, with the purpose of sensitizing the populations about the impact of chronic malnutrition in 6 areas of development: Health, Education, Gender, Maternity, Child Mortality and Work. We created the campaign’s name and slogan, produced 6 TV spots, posters, pamphlets and ensured the distribution of the spots.

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The campaign materials were developed in an integrated process, based on the stories of the spots to create messages adapted to format of the posters and pamphlets.


The spots were shot in real sets with non-actors, creating a documental language with aesthetic quality.

Filming in the neighbourhoods contributes to improve the families’ economy and generates interaction with the arts and culture sector.

The printed pamphlet gathers information about the 6 areas of the project. Just like the remaining materials, it follows narrative approach.

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