• Communication
  • Concept
  • Exhibition
  • Interactive Application
  • Motion Graphics
  • Production
  • Video
  • Visual Identity
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Biodiversity Exhibition

2015 - Biofund (Fundação para a Conservação da Biodiversidade)

To present BIOFUND to the public, we produced and developed the materials for an exhibition entitled “Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation in Mozambique”. A customized visual identity, design materials and audiovisual contents with information about the fauna and flora of Mozambique were created for the event. An animated map of the national Conservation Areas was also presented, and a fair with 16 exhibitors from organizations associated to biodiversity conservation closed the event.

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1000 visitors were registered during the event, including 500 students.


The sea and earth’s textures and colours acted as inspiration to create the visual identity.


The exhibition was divided into 3 areas: Aquatic Room, Earth Room and Partners’ Room. There, we could see 80 panels with photographs and contents about the fauna and flora, an animated map of the Conservation Areas, a video about the value of biodiversity, a plant installation suspended on wires, a sound installation with the singing of the whales, and a life-sized elephant made out of wire.

A group of scientists participated in the selection of the species and the development of contents for the 80 panels. The layout included the scientific contents, photographs, and a representative icon of the species’ habitat.


The elephant was made out of wire, with a structure of approximately 5 meters long. 1 master craftsman, 1 craftsman specialized in wire construction, and 4 assistants participated in its construction.

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