It’s always a challenge to sum up what we do. We keep on trying!

ANIMA is a Mozambican creative studio, based in Maputo.

Simply, we like to communicate.

Through Design, the production of Audiovisual content and Digital solutions, our objective is to develop creative solution with a strategic approach.

Taking on the challenge of communicating to local audiences in a relevant, impactful way, our creative team complements a constant search for local identity with an interest in the global development of our fields of knowledge.

We love the challenge of communicating to a local audience, working on relevant projects that have a real impact on people’s lives. Our creative team constantly searches for local identities, always improving our areas of knowledge..

Our creative process is about the love of thorough research, play and experimentation.

Porque Anima*

* ANIMA is a positive, motivational Mozambican expression that relates to any given subject as being fun, joyful and energetic.

Diagrama ANM-01-en
  • Objectives – We begin each project by reflecting on its overall objectives, considering the target audience and intended impact.
  • Definition – We invest in further research, from the core subject to possible solutions. Through field researches, pre-testing sessions and in-depth researches, we define our approach.
  • Ideation – In this stage, we value the multi-disciplinarity of our team, undergoing brainstorming sessions and experiments that help us reach the solution that best meets the needs and objectives of the project.
  • Implementation – Once the solutions are developed, the project is implemented with a close follow-up done with the client.
  • Evaluation – During the period of implementation, we go through a process of monitoring and evaluation based on outcomes, progressively improving our work, even after completion.


Conception + Implementation
Cultural Events
Artistic Work
Communication Campaigns


Art Direction
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Editorial Design


Directing + Editing
Motion Graphics
3D Modeling


Experience Marketing + Design
Solutions + Digital Activations
Website Development
Web Apps + Mobile
Projections + Interactive Experiences

Our team includes a range of complementary professional skills, combining the technical knowledge with a constant concern for the local context.